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Wedding Photography focused on capturing colors with a big smile. As bride and groom you should be able to enjoy every minute of your wedding da. We are here to accommodate exactly that! We capture your special day almost unnoted, from every angle, with two photographers. This way you can assure yourselves every beautiful moment is caught on camera.

Our photos are of the highest quality so that even 20+ years later, they will bring big smiles onto your faces.



  • Two photographers at your wedding
  • Always a back-up photographer available, free of charge
  • Super fast delivery, have your photos within 4 weeks
  • More than 300 wedding couples have preceded you
  • Couples rate us with an average 9,9 out of 10!
  • Awarded Best Top 10 Dutch wedding photographers
  • Clear all-inlcusive prices


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wedding photographer

At your wedding we pay attation to every detail

The Best Wedding Photographers of the Netherlands

The Wedding Story is a unique collaboration of the best wedding photographers specialized in spontaneous and casual photography. We’ve joined forces to achieve the highest standards on every wedding. We love going the extra mile when others would quit as our challenge lies in capturing unique images.

We aim for the highest quality in our work. That’s why we only take on 30 weddings each year which get our full attention and care. This way we prevent that our work becomes mass production and it is not a coincidence we’ve been in the top 10 of best wedding photographers for the third year in a row now. We put our passion in our wedding pictures.

Seconds shooter included

Shooting with two wedding photographers enables us to capture anything and everything that happens at your wedding day. Even when things happen at the exact same time and you don’t experience them consciously you can rest assured we’ve caught it. Both photographers are used to working together as a team and have the experience to shoot from every angle. Because of this approach you’ll have, for example, photos of yourselves during the ceremony but also the reactions of your guests and an overview of the whole ceremony setting.

two wedding photographers

We also photograph the moments that take place simultaneously


Where can I see more photos?

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Backup wedding photographer included

We love to be (more than) prepared for pretty much anything and we leave nothing to chance. Therefore, we always have a backup photographer stand-by for your wedding just so you don’t ever have to be stressed about the photography on your special day. This backup photographer is someone from our own Wedding Story team. Should the exceptional case occur that one of your booked photographers becomes ill or breaks a leg (not figuratively speaking) than we can fly in a photographer that works in the exact same unique Wedding Story style and who knows about all your expressed whishes and agreements.

We are very happy to say these types of exceptional cases are indeed very rare, but by providing the service of a backup we make sure you never have to even think about the possibility of an unfortunate event.

wedding photographer

Enjoy, we leave nothing to chance


We believe it is important for you to know exactly what you can expect from us. Hence, we work with clear all inclusive wedding photography prices. Our packages contain a set of working hours, all edited photos and a photo album all for the prices as shown. There are no additional travel costs or taxes. The prices you see on the package are the prices you pay us.

wedding photographer

We like to take creative pictures


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